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"I was here at the iKier Wellness Center a couple of weeks ago for my first Reiki Session. It was nothing short of AMAZING. I felt more relaxed and energetic after.

During my session... I was open to what this experience had to offer... and with Bonnie's help, I was able to get into a deep relaxation.

I started to see colors in my mind... like a "Kaleidoscope" of mostly Greens and Yellows... after the session Bonnie asked If I had seen any colors. I learned from Bonnie, that the Greens and Yellows I was seeing were due to her opening up my Chakra's Solar Plexus and Heart...

I've heard people talking about seeing "Colors" during a Reiki Session... but, I'm the type of person that needs to see/feel something to believe it.... I am a true believer now!

If you haven't experienced Reiki... I would highly recommend a session with Bonnie!! Bonnie was able to explain where I might need more balance physically and emotionally. It will leave you with a sense of Balance and will have you feeling stronger emotionally and physically!" - Diane H., Feb 6, 2019

"She calmed my anxiety down and put me in deep relaxation state and didn't want to wake up." - Anonymous, Feb. 2019

"My first time, and I totally enjoyed it! Making another appointment to return. Thank you Bonnie!" -Cassandra, Jan. 2019

"Knowledge, kindness, willingness to help, and such a sweet person. Perfect combination." -Anne, Sep. 2018

"Great experience every time I go." -Anonymous, Aug. 2018

"I always feel refreshed after visiting Bonnie for Reiki. She has great energy. I usually fall asleep while she is working on me. Love going there!" -Olga, Aug. 2018

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have every had! She was very knowledgeable and professional. The treatment was extremely relaxing and I will definitely be back." -Marina, Jun. 2018

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